Bed Bug Control Provided by Pest Control Solutions in Philadelphia, PA

Safe Bed Bug Extermination in Philadelphia, PA

If you suspect or know that you have bed bugs, you don't have to feel like it's the end of the world. However, a quick response is essential for comprehensive and long-term eradication of bed bugs in your Philadelphia, PA home or business.

Pest Control Solutions has the experience you need. Through our understanding of bed bug behavior and our advanced pest control techniques, we'll help you create a bed bug-free environment with minimal disruption.
Safe Pest Elimination

Unlike other pest control services, Pest Control Solutions offers safe and effective techniques. We use a pressurized steam vapor between 120-135° Fahrenheit to clear out bed bug hiding places.

Our technique ensures your safety and is environmentally friendly. It's also the only way to guaranteed way to eliminate bed bugs in every stage of their life cycle.

Through our high temperature techniques and careful dusting afterwards, we'll achieve a pest-free environment in a timely manner. We also offer two free follow-up visits within a month of the initial treatment to offer you complete peace of mind.
Professional Emergency Services

Contact Pest Control Solutions for immediate bed bug extermination in Philadelphia, PA. Our services provide an efficient, safe, and effective way to rid your home or business of bedbugs with minimal disruption.

Although you might find it tempting to combat the bed bugs on your own, don't underestimate their abilities. Despite your efforts to steam launder bedding and to vacuum mattresses, bed bugs endure by hiding anywhere that they can.

In addition to living in bedding, bed bugs may hid in luggage, picture frames and other décor, electrical outlets, and even under floorboards. The only way to properly and completely eliminate them is to contact a professional pest control provider.
Quick Bed Bug Identification

Before you can schedule bed bug extermination in your Philadelphia, PA home, you may want to know for sure if you do have a bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs are between five and seven millimeters in size, with flat, long, oval-shaped bodies. They often appear brown in color, but they can also have a red-brown color after they've consumed blood. Recently hatched bed bugs, however, are tiny in size and appear a white or light yellow color.

Some bed bugs are even translucent. If these small bed bugs haven't fed, they are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Bed bug eggs are a pearly white color and about the size of a pinhead.

To properly identify bed bugs, look for reddish or rust-colored stains and streaks on your sheets and linens. Check for small, dark spots as well. Lift up any folds in your mattress and examine the cracks and crevices for these signs or for bed bugs themselves. If you don't see bed bugs in your bed, check your couch cushions, curtain folds, and drawers. Another sign of bed bugs you should look out for is small bite marks on your body.

If you see bed bugs in your home or notice any of these signs of an infestation, contact us immediately to schedule bed bug extermination.

We offer 24-hour emergency services as well. Give us a call at 844-531-7948 to schedule your bed bug extermination in Philadelphia, PA.